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The best products are those that are handmade and natural, and Australian based company Queen B
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Nature is capable of truly marvelous works, the bee in particular is considered an integral part of nature. Few know that naturally produced beeswax is recognized as the highest quality material used by candle makers. Unfortunately, modern manufacturers no longer use the complicated process of bee farming and instead opt for cheaper artificial materials. Queen B had a vision of a sustainable brand that used beeswax as the main material for their products. Today this all-natural candle maker is one of the few companies using 100% sustainable techniques for their entire product range.


Queen B is an inspired brand, an expression of passion with mindfulness in every aspect of their candles. Their products are intended to be experienced so that you understand the quality that goes into their production. This is exactly why authentic reviews are so crucial to their success.

Beeswax and its special qualities are not commonly known, so reaching new audiences can be challenging. There isn’t much content out there that expresses the difference between natural beeswax candles and mass-manufactured ones. One of Queen B’s biggest challenges was reaching the unaware customers which involved expanding their reach. They needed to motivate customers to support their brand with follows, likes, and other forms of interactions.

Queen B candles are products people want to relive and subsequently share their experience. A lot of Queen B’s value comes from loyal customers coming back and sometimes a little customer input can make a major difference. Rewarding loyalty is uniquely advantageous, especially for quality-driven brands. Queen B needed tools that motivate loyal customers to share their experiences and help scale their marketing channels.


Queen B decided to use loyalty rewards and they were clever with how they implemented them. Their main focus was long-term customer retention and a subscription system was a perfect match with loyalty rewards. These structured repeat purchases helped accumulate loyalty members and scale their customer base.

As part of their loyalty program they offered several free points that helped expand their platform through strategic interactions. With free rewards for actions like social media follows, they generated customer engagement while benefiting their store. This meant customers could redeem discounts even on their first purchase, which gave customers an opportunity toexperience their products first hand.

Since they produce such high-quality products customer reviews were especially important. Their perfectly timed review request emails demonstrated some excellent conversion figures, twice the rate of the industry benchmark. With dynamic on-page features, they also made reviews easily accessible for customers, smoothing the purchase process.

How Queen B differentiates her business from the competition?

Queen B makes a great variety of beeswax candles. They are 100% natural, chemical free, and non-toxic unlike paraffin candles and a renewable resource. They are the greenest candles you can ever burn. They burn clean and bright for a substantial amount of time, and smell like honey. They are top quality and they look splendid.

“Growave ties in perfectly with our daily marketing goals and activities and helps the brand truly reach those who are most likely to engage whilst also allowing us to reach our audience where it matters. Growave has definitely helped us increase brand awareness and improve the delivery of our message.”

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Queen B’s Loyalty Program generated a 95.85% engagement rate
Automated review requests generated a 55% open rate and a 9.44% conversion rate
Growave helped Queen B 4.5x their customer base 
Queen B collected more than 800 positive reviews from customers
Loyalty points users spend on average 2.4x more than non-redeemers
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Cate Burton
CEO and managing director of Queen B

“Growave has smoothly solves many problems for us and it is easy to use. Growave allowed us to deepen our relationships with our customers. We now communicate with them through different channels, through the rewards mechanism. Growave gives us that extra bit of functionality and automation. We make the most of the reviews function to bring some much needed authenticity to our business. With Growave we can incentivize different behaviors as well like referrals, and follows on social media. Word of mouth and reviews are every bit as important as they used to be, but now it’s much more automated and in depth.”

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