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The best products are those that are handmade and natural, and Australian based company Queen B has been making environmentally friendly natural beexwax candles and wraps for 21 years. What started as a hobby became a successful candle making business. Queen B uses 100 % pure Australian beeswax to create all natural handmade masterpieces.

How Queen B differentiates her business from the competition?

Queen B makes a great variety of beeswax candles. They are 100% natural, chemical free, and non-toxic unlike paraffin candles and a renewable resource. They are the greenest candles you can ever burn. They burn clean and bright for a substantial amount of time, and smell like honey. They are top quality and they look splendid.

"The best SEO practices were never a priority for me. I think that generic SEO wording brings no real value to your business. Instead I tried to focus on exceeding expectations now and into the future, by focusing on delivering the best possible product. Neither have I ever used paid advertisement, I relied mostly on blog posts to demonstrate authority on the subject. I have made a consistent effort to build my blog, which was important in building up my authority on the subject. I also tried connecting and networking with real people that appreciate the sort of vision I have for my brand. I have been told many times that I could grow a lot quicker through paid advertisement, but I opted to spend my marketing dollars on rewarding my loyal customers. The fact that our candles were special, made the job easier as their merits speak for themselves. You will find that generic items typically lack differentiation, there nothing really interesting about your run of the mill candle. We like to think that that our candles make a difference and that our story worth telling, and so we marketed product by connecting with similar minded people that could endorse our candles."

Queeb-B Growave


Instead of spending a large portion of the marketing budget on things that don’t work, Queen B decided to focus on her clients and strengthen her customer relationships. She wanted to solve the problem with asking for feedback and she needed a good marketing platform that is simple to use with a nice review feature so she turned her attention to Growave.

“Growave has smoothly solves many problems for usand it is easy to use. Growave allowed us to deepenour relationships with our customers. We nowcommunicate with them through different channels,through the rewards mechanism. Growave gives us that extra bit of functionality and automation. Wemake the most of the reviews function to bring some much needed authenticity to our business. With Growave we can incentivize different behaviors as welllike referrals, and follows on social media. Word ofmouth and reviews are every bit as important as theyused to be, but now it’s much more automated and in depth.”

Cate Burton Growave

Cate Burton

CEO and managing director of Queen B

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