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Generate reviews and UGC for your Shopify store to build strong social proof. Display reviews on a dedicated page, product pages, and Google search results. Incentivize your customers for leaving reviews with loyalty points and rewards.

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Generate Reviews

Collect reviews with automated, fully-branded review request emails based on customers' purchases. Make it easy for customers to submit reviews with the in-email form.

  • Schedule review request emails by delivery time or order status
  • Customize email templates or build own templates from scratch
  • Include several products in the same review request email
  • Send review request emails from your business email domain
  • Send reminders to customers who purchased in the past or using Shopify POS
  • Maximize collecting quality reviews from all channels: email, social, SMS, push notifications.
  • Exclude certain products from review request emails

Showcase Reviews

Fuel every customer interaction with UGC to give customers a completely authentic glimpse at your products. Improve your customer's shopping experience and make the purchasing decision easier.

  • Display reviews on sidebar, product pages, review carousels, and dedicated reviews page
  • Embed a Growave verification badge for authenticity
  • Customize widgets look and edit texts / translation
  • Drive brand discovery via social and Google search results with Rich Snippets
  • Automatically sync reviews for the same product between multiple websites, countries.
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Manage Reviews

  • Curate and manually approve reviews
  • Highlight your favorite reviews in a carousel and on any page
  • Reply to reviews, thank reviewers, and resolve issues publicly or privately
  • Edit certain reviews with typos and sensitive words

Custom Forms

Create customized review forms to collect detailed product insights to let your potential customers get to know your products better.

  • Create customized review forms that provide detailed feedback
  • Showcase product insights and characteristics
  • Showcase customer reviews with photos to obtain credibility
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Loyalty points & Rewards for reviews

Increase customer retention and accelerate review collection by incorporating loyalty points and rewards for leaving feedback. Offer separate rewards for reviews with photos.  Choose from a variety of rewards to include in your custom emails and make the experience a joyful delight.

Questions & Answers

Provide an avenue for customers to reach out.  Let customers ask questions and get reliable answers from verified shoppers and your team

  • Let customers easily ask their questions right on product pages
  • Questions can be sent to verified buyers or your team members
  • Improve lead processing with unbiased customer answers
  • Improve site ranking using SEO-optimized questions and FAQ
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