Supercharge your business with Growave's Loyalty program for retail

Build genuine connections with your customers throughout their journey with our multi-channel retail loyalty solution.
Fiercely competitive retail landscape businesses constantly seek innovative strategies to retain customers and drive sales. Gain momentum by implementing (Growave’s) loyalty program

Essential Attributes for the Retail Sector

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Seamlessly integrate with Shopify POS for a unified multi-channel experience. Engage with your customers at every touchpoint, whether in-store or online.
Streamline point redemption at checkout. Empower your loyalty program members to effortlessly redeem points and utilize rewards during the checkout process.
Introduce exciting touchpoints and encourage shoppers to utilize their points across your website effectively with nudges.
Seamlessly integrate your loyalty program with Shopify mobile app builders provide mobile-specific functionalities that motivate your app users.
The loyalty points multiplier lets you seamlessly execute holiday-themed campaigns that significantly enhance customer engagement.

Leading Shopify Plus brands choose Growave to drive growth

VIP program
Cultivate brand advocates through exclusive perks.
Points-based rewards program
Enhance customer engagement through experiential actions and diverse redemption options.
Promote your brand by rewarding both parties with a range of discounts and maintain control over fraud with an effortless detection system.

Ready to raise ROI and launch your own retail loyalty program?

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