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Loved by more than 13,000 Shopify merchants

Growave is a single marketing solution for Your Shopify store.

We provide tools for Loyalty Programs/ Rewards, Reviews, Social Login, Wishlists, and Instagram Gallery Shop. The synergy of 5 features unlocks a flawless experience for customers, encouraging them to return to your store.

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Trusted by 13,000+ Brands Globally

“I tried many different Loyalty apps but this one is the best so far! We were able to translate everything on the front end into Japanese, perfectly, which other apps didn't allow. On top of it, Growave helped us to increase revenue from repeat purchases by 25% in first month and conversion rate by 41% in 3 months.”

Meri Tanaka

Amirisu Co-Founder


Our biggest issue was building trust with visitors and increasing the profitability of current customers. Growave helped us collect user-generated reviews to build strong social proof. Moving from Smile.io and Judge.me made our customers more engaged and skyrocketed our sales, increasing conversion rate by 30%.

Lucy & Hendry Lee

BabyHoki Co-Founders


And thousands more of 5 star reviews

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