Shopify POS Integration

Provide excellent both online and offline shopping experience for your loyal customers

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Growave & Shopify POS

Enroll your brick-and-mortar store customers into a loyalty program, convert their points, and redeem their discounts
Collect product reviews by following up on in-store purchases with automatic review requests.
Growave on Shopify POS
Shopify recommends Growave’s POS integration
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Benefits of the integration

Increase customer lifetime value

Encourage customers to spend more both online and offline by rewarding

Enhance customer loyalty

Growave and POS integration ensures that loyal customers feel valued and recognized.

Omnichannel loyalty

Sell and build customer loyaltly across multiple locations and channels.

Boost conversions

Automatically collect reviews from in-store purchases and build strong social proof
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How it works

Rewarding points for purchases made in-store
Growave precisely tracks orders and allocates points according to the tier of loyalty members.
Redeeming earned points
The integration enables customers to redeem their loyalty points seamlessly, whether they are shopping online or in-store via the POS
Collecting reviews
Growave sends automatic review request emails after in-store purchases to help you collect reviews

Get Started

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Install the Shopify POS

Download the Shopify POS app on App Store or Google Play for your smartphone or tablet. If you already have an account, you’ll be prompted to log in.

Install Growave

Install the Growave app and enable Loyalty & Rewards product in the admin panel. It automatically will be added to Shopify POS’s list

Proceed to use the Rewards program within Shopify POS.

You will be able to create new or choose among existing members, apply available discounts, and make a refund.

Make loyalty members feel valued

Integrations ensures that customer feel valued, and recognized regardless of their preferred shopping channel

Trusted by over 13000 brands running on Shopify

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