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Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals

A fully customizable rewards & referrals program to drive repeat sales and reach new customers.

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Generate 2x+ growth like the top brands using Growave

Points Program

Launch a points program that rewards customers for their purchases and engagement 
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Following / Sharing on social
Referring friends
Leaving a review
Custom ways to earn points
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Daniel Kim
CEO at SM Global Shop
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Exclude products from earning

Decide to exclude certain products from earning points on your loyalty program

Points for subscriptions

Reward customers with additional points for purchasing subscription products

Rewarding past actions

Hook existing members into the rewarding program by giving points for past actions
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Redeem Points

Motivate customers with various rewards to redeem points for and incentivize repeat purchases
Amount discount
Percentage discount
Free shipping
Gift card
Flexible point-based discount
Best Rewards/Review Software at a Great Price and with AMAZING Customer Service”
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Santiago M.
Arts and Crafts
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Free product

A free product automatically gets added to the cart when the customers redeem points 

Limit redeeming to specific collections

Control how points are redeemed or spent by limiting them to specific collections/products

Points refund

If an order is canceled or returned, points get automatically deducted once the refund is done.

Referral Program

Incentivize customers to promote your brand to their family and friends. Leverage brand advocates as an acquisition channel and save on ad spend
Easy to share rewards for new and existing customers
Unique referral codes for each customer to email or share on social
Fully customizable designs to match your brand and website
A variety of options to reward customers
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Preventing Fraud

Protect your brand against loyalty and referral program abuse

Suspicious Activity Reports

Receive real-time suspicious activity reports delivered straight to your email

Custom Domain

Use your own domain for referral links instead of the default one
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VIP Tiers

Increase LTV and recurring revenue by offering VIP tier memberships. Structure your loyalty program to retain customers and increase total customer value.
Create exclusive perks for VIP customers based on earned points, number of orders placed, and amount spent
Unique rewards for each tier to encourage customers to reach the next tier: cash, discounts, free products, free shipping, etc.
Offer a free product at different tier levels
Progressively reward customers by adding a points multiplier

Milestones to achieve VIP status

Push your customers to reach the next VIP tier 

Unlimited number of Tiers

Create as many customer reward levels as you need

Shopify Tags for each Tier

Manage customers by applying specific tags for each tier

Automated loyalty emails

Leverage our built-in templates to send personalized emails when customers earn and redeem points.
Make your customers engaged and keep them coming back for more
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Loyalty activity emails

Send custom emails after each activity made on your loyalty program.

Send emails from your custom domain

Customize your email-sending domain so emails are sent from your address

Email branding visual editor

Create visually stunning emails by customizing the color and fonts on your points program

Third-party points email integrations

Send your points emails through other apps by connecting with Klaviyo or Omnisend

Loyalty & Rewards Marketing

customer reviews


Creatively name points like "stars" to stand out from the competition and make your rewards program memorable


Custom branding

Storefront reward feature: set/change the name, color, position, etc.



Push shoppers to enroll in a loyalty program and redeem rewards throughout the shopping experience and on the Shopify cart page


Points expiry

Set points to expire after a specific amount of time. Send reminder emails before points expire

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Advanced Dashboard

Launch a points program that rewards customers for their purchases and engagement 
Manage all programs from a single dashboard
Give reward points to specific customers or assign a new tier
Add balance, edit, or delete the point from the customers. Add points in bulk.
Full records of customers including email ID, status, points, redeem, referrals, and actions.
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Solid analytics tools will help you collect the most comprehensive stats to measure the efficiency of your loyalty program


Create reports by retrieving the most important data to help you assess specific campaigns

Multi-Currency Support

Reward customers with points for purchases in any currency you set on your store
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Points at Checkout

Let customers seamlessly claim rewards and apply them directly to their order, without ever leaving the checkout page
Automatically display options customers can redeem points for
Let customers redeem points right on the checkout page
Increase conversions, loyalty program exposure, and engagement

Integrate in-store earnings through POS

Integrate Shopify point-of-sale (POS) systems to allow customers to earn points for in-store purchases
Let your customers earn points for purchases
Add a customer to the Shopify order and allow them to spend their points
Customize whether customers can earn and spend points in-store, online or both.
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Connect Growave to your favorite tools

Sync Growave with your favorite apps for a smooth customer journey and connected experiences. 
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