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Loyalty Points

Offer your customers loyalty points for a broad variety of high-value interactions. Drive customer engagement in combination with all Growave apps to bring out its true value.

  • Purchase
  • Sign Up
  • Birthday
  • Following / Sharing on social
  • Leaving a review
  • Sharing a wishlist
  • Custom Actions
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Referral Program

Encourage customers to refer a friend, increase traffic to your Shopify store, and save on ad spending.

  • Rewards both parties
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Create a unique referral link
  • Reward customers with a variety of options

VIP Tiers

Demonstrate gratitude for your favorite customers with special VIP status and perks. Structure your loyalty program to retain customers and increase total customer value.

  • Create exclusive perks for VIP customers based on earned points, number of orders placed, and amount spent
  • Reward for achieving the next Tier with cash, discounts, free products, free shipping, etc.
  • Progressively reward customers by adding points multiplier
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Advanced Dashboard

Set up and adjust rewards program from a single dashboard. Manage and track all activities from Reward to Redeem.

  • Manage points, rewards, and referrals system
  • Give reward points to specific customers or assign a new tier
  • Add balance, edit, or delete the point from the customers. Add points in bulk.
  • Full records of customers including email id, status, points, redeem, referrals, and actions.
  • Branding to manage the storefront reward feature: set/change the name, color, position, etc.

Loyalty & Rewards Marketing


Dedicated Loyalty / Referral pages

Create separate loyalty and referral pages where your customers can sign up and understand your loyalty/referral programs’ benefits!


Automated Emails

Leverage our built-in templates to send personalized emails when customers earn and redeem points. Make your customers engaged and keep them coming back for more


Points expiration

Influence shoppers purchasing behavior by reminding them to utilize their points



Dynamic reminders that push shoppers to enroll in a loyalty program and redeem available rewards throughout the shopping experience and on the Shopify cart page.



Solid analytics tools will help you collect the most comprehensive stats to measure the efficiency of your loyalty program


Fully Customizable

Make it completely your own by customizing your loyalty program to match your brand and stand out. Express your creativity and build your reputation

Additional Features


Shopify POS Integration

Enroll your brick and mortar store customers into your loyalty program, convert their points, and redeem their discounts on Shopify’s POS system


Shopify Flow Integration

Assign points for actions available in Shopify Flow and trigger an action when a customer achieves a new tier


Shopify Plus Integration

A special feature for Shopify Plus merchants: enable points and discount redemption right at the checkout page


Renaming Points

Creatively name points to stand out from the competition and make your rewards program memorable


Points Refund

If an order is canceled or returned, points get automatically deducted once the refund is done.


Rewarding Past Actions

Hook existing members into the rewarding program by giving points for past actions


Excluding Members / Products

Exclude certain products or members from the Rewards program by using the tags


Preventing Fraud

Protect your brand against loyalty and referral program abuse


Multi-Currency Support

Reward customers with points for purchases in any currency you set on your store

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