Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that empowers businesses to focus on the bigger picture of their marketing strategy, resulting in more effective and meaningful engagement with their customers.







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Our story

The early days

We started off as a small team of 3, who had an eye to create a product that would solve one problem: a necessity to look for and buy a number of apps. Our answer to that was to combine several apps into one platform.

The tipping point - 2017

After 3 years of sleepless nights and thousands of trials and errors, we were rewarded with valuable skills and experience that helped us to finally see our project begin paying off as it took firm roots in the Shopify app market.

Rebranding - 2019

Looking for a name that would reflect our values better, we decided to rebrand as Growave – a mix of “growing” and “wave”, which showcased our core goal to help small and medium-sized businesses grow their brands.


With a product used now by thousands, we’ve set our main focus on optimizing the quality of Growave. Following the principle “less is more”, our current goal is to make the app simpler, faster and much more intuitive for our users.

Our principles



Few things in this world worth having come easy, which is why we always stress the value of dedication and patience in our job. These qualities have gotten us where we are today and we’ve made it our goal to get even further by staying dedicated to what we do.



Here at Growave, we believe that teamwork is key to achieving the greatest of results. To put this belief into practice, we make it our priority to build strong relationships and honest communication, both within our team as well as with our clients and partners.



We realize that in a world as fast-paced as ours, the experience alone cannot meet the ever- changing needs and desires of our customers. This is why we hold it as our core principle to stay flexible and open-minded to all ideas and challenges that come our way.

Our team


Eldar Galiev




Ermek Galiev




Munara Galieva


People Specialist


Oleg Mankov

Product Manager

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Founder & Solutions Architect at Shopify Experts Agency

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