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We go beyond loyalty programs, reviews, and social proof by offering a comprehensive suite of marketing tools designed to drive high ROI.

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Our Story

Ecommerce giants dominated the landscape, but in 2014, we saw a future where customer loyalty thrived. Acquisition costs skyrocketed, competition intensified, but strong brand connections would conquer the noise.
That's Growave. We empower fast-growing businesses to flourish, not just survive. We equip you to cultivate connections built on shared values, positive experiences, and a human touch.
Over 14,000 brands trust us. Our vision remains, but it's evolved. We help you forge connections beyond transactions, fostering brand loyalty that fuels sustainable growth in the ever-changing ecommerce world.
About us our story Growave
About us early days Growave
The early days
We started off as a small team of 3, who had an eye to create a product that would solve one problem: a necessity to look for and buy a number of apps.
About us loyalty Growave
Embracing Loyalty
In these years, we pivoted towards a loyalty app, introducing points, referrals, and VIP tiers. We gradually eliminated unnecessary features that consumed time and resources.
About us navigating Growave
Navigating the Pandemic
Despite the global pandemic, we experienced a surge in demand. We undertook a comprehensive rework, adhering to Shopify's standards for speed, usability, and overall app experience. We also transitioned to native Shopify Polaris, enhancing the app's look and feel.
About us Refining Growave
Refining and Growing
With Growave now empowering over 14,000 merchants, our focus has shifted towards optimizing the app's quality. Embracing the "less is more" philosophy, we're diligently streamlining functionalities and interfaces to ensure simplicity, speed, and intuitive navigation for our users.

Ditch the app overload, achieve exceptional ROI

Simplifying the marketing journey for businesses shouldn't require a mountain of marketing tools. At Growave, we provide the all-in-one platform and dedicated support you need to streamline your marketing efforts and maximize your ROI.

Our global team

We’re a team of over 80 individuals spread across several countries, united in our mission to fuel e-commerce growth. We empower 14,000+ businesses to thrive with our customer-centric approach and a dash of pioneering spirit.
Eldar Galiev Growave
Eldar Galiev
CEO & Co-Founder
Joe Fox Growave
Joe Fox
Senior Vice President of Partnerships
Oleg Mankov Growave
Oleg Mankov
Senior Product Manager
Anna Kipel Growave
Anna Kipel
Sr. Customer Support Manager

Transforming ecommerce: from app overload to growth engine

Core values behaviors

Every day, we translate our values into action with our 4 core behaviors.
Obsess over customer success
Embrace a "get things done" attitude
Put ourselves in the shoes of our users
Build products that solve real human problems
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Our customers

For over a decade, we've partnered with large enterprise companies, empowering their growth. We recognize that security and quality performance are the cornerstones of success.

With our 24/7 rapid response support and a large team of experts, we help industry giants across various niches achieve even greater heights.

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David Simões
Founder & Solutions Architect at Shopify Experts Agency

“Sounds Good Agency is happy with Growave as a partner. Growave is reliable, responsive, and their products and services are high quality. Sounds Good Agency is confident that Growave will continue to be a valuable partner in the future.”

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David Simoes Growave
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