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Reduce abandoned carts and increase your shop’s conversions with our feature-packed Wishlist

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Leading Shopify Plus brands choose Growave to drive growth

Wishlist that transforms wishes into purchases.


Explore 20 powerful Wishlist features designed to provide a smooth user experience and easy integration.


Gain deep insights with real-time dashboards and reports. Export data effortlessly anytime.

Full customization

Craft a Wishlist that aligns perfectly with your brand through our customizable design options.

24/7 Human Support   

No chatbots. No waiting. Just real-time assistance from our experts. 

The features you need to build an effective Wishlist

With Growave's Wishlist, you'll experience less buyer's remorse and more satisfied, loyal customers.
Easy Setup: Add a Wishlist button to every item on your website with a single click. 
Widget: Empower customers to save items from product pages, collections, and the homepage. 
Sharing: Allow sharing wishlists via social media or email. 
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Effortless Access to the Wishlist on your store

Let customers have an easy way to the Wishlist via a dedicated tab.
Add an icon to the header for quick Wishlist access.
Improve the user experience of your online shop.   


Encourage customers to save items for various topics or events.
Increase the likelihood of future purchases with enhanced personalization.
Demonstrate that you understand and cater to customers' diverse needs.
Best Rewards/Review Software at a Great Price and with AMAZING Customer Service”
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And our Wishlist App always has more..

Instant saving

no login or registration needed for your customers.


retains the Wishlist across devices and sessions.

21 Integrations

with Omnisend, Klaviyo, Searchanise, Pushowl, and many more.`
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Wishlist Reminder emails

Let customers not only save their desired items but also receive timely reminders about them.
Saved in Wishlists
On Sale (price-drop) 
Back in Stock 

Apply Wishlist analytics for data-driven decisions

Most loved items by your customers 
Reminders performance 
Out-of-Stock favorites 
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Take Control of Orders with Minimum Quantities

Set minimum purchase requirements for any product in your Shopify admin panel
Let customers see the minimum requirement upfront, avoiding confusion at checkout
Reduce costs by minimizing the number of packages you need to create for smaller orders

A seamlessly placed wishlist button in your review modal

Let customers to add desired products to their wishlist directly from the review modal
Wishlist sharing with friends and family creates new sales opportunities
Eliminate the need to navigate away during the search

Connect Growave to your favorite tools

Sync Growave with your favorite apps for a smooth customer journey and connected experiences. 
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