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Allow your customers to save and share favorite items on your Shopify store. Enable customers to create multiple lists through the Wishlist tab or page. Run marketing campaigns to convert shoppers' intent to sales.

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Wishlist Button, Icon

Add the Wishlist widget and let shoppers save items right from product pages, collections, and homepage. Use the demonstrated interest as an opportunity to make a sale.

  • Freely customize the Wishlist design
  • Allow saving liked products and product variants
  • Save the Wishlist upon return and across all devices
  • Let visitors organize and create multiple Wishlists (Birthdays, Weddings, etc.)
  • Let customers share their Wishlist with friends and family via email or social media
  • Make wishlist easily accessible through a Wishlist tab or a dedicated page by adding an icon on the header
  • No registration or login is needed to add items to the wishlist

Wishlist Reminder emails

Send personalized emails with powerful buying triggers to turn wish lists into conversions. Create custom email layouts by adding special offers and related products to increase average order value.

  • Saved in Wishlists - add an intelligent opt-in pop-up for shoppers to save their email addresses and follow up to remind them of their loved items
  • On Sale (price-drop) - push shoppers toward conversion or put the product back on the radar
  • Back in Stock - win back customers and don’t lose out on sales
  • Running Out of Stock - add a sense of urgency to generate a sale
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Additional Features



Track wishlist reminder campaigns with performance analytics to adjust for effectiveness. Check engagement metrics, collect data on the most wanted items, and export customers’ wishlists.


Import Wishlist Data

Easily import Wishlist information when migrating from another app. Count on Growave to guide you through the process or let our customer success team handle it for you.


Easy Customization

Customize heart icon, the overall look and feel to seamlessly match your store's brand design.


Mobile Friendly

Responsive and intuitive wishlist widgets are 100% mobile-friendly. Sell more by making every piece of data work for you.


Shopify Flow Integration

Implement a trigger through Shopify Flow when the item in wishlist: on sale, back in stock, on sale, running out of stock


Combine Growave’s Wishlist with your favorite tools:
Omnisend, Klaviyo, Searchanise, BoostCommerce, Pushowl, and many more.




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