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Upgrade your Shopify Store w/ Growave's Wishlist

Growave is one of the best marketing platforms on the Shopify app-store, we have thousands of customer and outstanding reviews. We can bring your business to life and give you the all-important cashflow to help your business grow. This article gives you a peek into our wishlist app and breaks down its functions and set-up.

Upgrade your Shopify Store w/ Growave's Wishlist

Shopify has changed the way that we look at e-commerce, and has opened the market to up and coming entrepreneurs. There are so many ways that the e-commerce platform makes the the internet more accessible to new businesses, but the platform wouldn't be the same with out all the third-party applications that are native to Shopify. Amongst the thousands of applications, Growave is a top contender for our consistent ability to produce value across all metrics. Growave comes package in a bundle of several apps, with the Wishlist being one of the more effective applications.

The perks of having a Wishlist include:
1. A reduction in shopping cart abandonment through our email notification functions.
2. Visitors can save their favorite items and return for them at a later date.
3. It can be a great source of information, you can track consumer preferences which can help you manage your catalogue.
4. Create automated email campaigns to re-target customers.

As always, Growave comes divided into the front and back ends. Once you've managed to complete the quick and easy onboarding process, you can access the admin dashboard and explore the broad functionality of Growave. Your Wishlist has many interesting functions.

Growave generates data on activity:

Try exploring the settings section to find out how much is possible through Growave.

Check out the performance summary in the Products section of the app. You can select the time frame you want summarized from the drop down menu for the last 30/60/90 days. This can give you insight on whats working and whats not:

In the Emails tab, you have the freedom to enable reminders which are great re-engagement. Your follow-up strategy is entirely customizable from the admin panel.

The Wishlist feature sends up to a series of 4 personalized emails. From here you can politely remind visitors about their wishlists, include a coupon code to encourage them to buy and see your performance statistics.

You can easily change the appearance of the Wishlist app through the Design section of the app.

Visit our Knowledge base to find out more about how Growave can help you boost your stores numbers. The articles below will help you with integration if you would like to do it manually:

Feel free to reach us out if you have any questions, we are always here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wishlist?

A wishlist is very similar to a wedding registry or birthday list. Shoppers will add items to a wishlist and share that list to loved ones on social platforms. They are persistent, meaning the contents are saved across multiple visits. They can be used to create new pages and are customizable to fit your brand. They are best used in combination with email reminders as retention tools.

What are the benefits of Wishlists?

Wishlists primarily target cart abandonment and referral traffic. They make your store social interactive and allow you to build re-engagement campaigns with email reminders. Using email reminders in combination with your Wishlist can help retain important customers. You can send reminders when items are back in stock or if you are runnind a discount on those items.

Can you send reminders about Wishlist items?

Along with driving referrals and reducing cart abandonment. Wishlists can be combined with email reminders, that will inform customer when their favorited items are back in stock, on discount or simple reminders.

How do you build a Wishlist?

Building your own Wishlist can be expensive but they have merit as an app that you can simply install. Shopify has a dedicated app store where you can find these apps that can improve your shopping expierence and boost your sales.

What ways can shoppers share their Wishlist?

Wishlists are meant to be shared, Growave's Wishlist are sharable across all modern social media platforms, through links and even email. This makes them effective cart abandonment tools and make your store socially interactive.


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