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Seamlessly add all the Growave features to your Shopify store without any coding

Generate 2x+ growth like the top brands using Growave


Expand your feature capacity with Shopify Plus and Growave

Showcase a rewards points at checkout widget and let your shoppers redeem and apply discounts right at checkout
Use Multipass and Growave’s social login for seamless customer registration on your store
Unleash the power of Shopify Flow and automate various processes

Reward customers online and in-store with Shopify Point-of-sale integration (POS)

Let shoppers earn points for their in-store purchases
Redeem discounts and apply them right from the Shopify POS app’s dashboard

Automate the process of re-engaging with your customers using Shopify Flow

Respond to positive and negative reviews instantly with Shopify flow and Gorgias
Send back-in-stock emails with Klaviyo and win-back your customers

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