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Uniqso is a Shopify-based store that serves those who love fashion and glamour.
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UNIQSO is a brand dedicated to the glamorous world of cosplay. As one of most popular brands in this niche industry, they are considered a trusted sources for costume accessories and custom contact lenses. They have found their footing in the extravagant world of cosplay with unique products that few knew but many wanted. Their success is driven from their close relationship with enthusiasts.


UNIQSO is a socially driven brand that focuses on community and expression. They’re dedicated to the unique needs of their community, so their products are molded around customer demand. They’re primary challenges involve community engagement, sharing user-generated content, and keeping customers loyal to their brand.

Their first challenge was establishing trust and giving customers idea of their product quality. In this particular niche, user-generated content is especially important as cosplay is a social media trend. That’s why UNIQSO considered photo reviews as its most effective method of demonstration. It gave potential customers an idea of what they are buying based on the content their customers created. They focused primarily on photo reviews since much of the content that the cosplay community produces is centered around costumes.

Since cosplay is driven by community, much of what we see related to UNIQSO’s core audience is seen on social media. Using customer photo and boosting their social media can help generate high quality exposure of their brand. UNIQSO’s instagram page alone has more than 265k followers, something that you wouldn’t typically see with comparable business in different niches. Thats why they sought a way to expand their social media reach and gather user generated content to share.

UNIQSO also needed to stay competitive and loyalty incentives seemed to be a great way of retaining customers and keeping in touch with them. They mainly needed to focus on boosting their average order value and the number of orders per customers. They also needed a way to keep in contact with their customers in order to re-market their products in the future. 


UNIQSO utilized Growave to create 10+ loyalty reward that would motivate customers to take action and remain loyal. Customer retention is especially important as there are competitors, and loyalty rewards made it possible to keep shoppers engaged with their brand. Amongst the rewards they used were incentivizes for photo reviews, social media follows, and threshold rewards to boost AOV.

They’re program starts with multiple ways to earn free points like social media engagement and reviews. This helped them kick start their loyalty program with rewards on first-time purchases. This had the effect of both generating interactions with important components of their business, and discounting first-time shoppers. UNIQSO was able to use their loyalty rewards to boost their marketing channels and build their brands trust factor. You can see their Instagram populated with photos of real customers in cosplay.

Once customers register to their loyalty program, UNIQSO utilized automated emails to keep in touch with shoppers. Through these emails they crafted customized messages that would re-market their products and follow up with photo review requests. This meant that they could reach out to customers and motivate them to either continue unfinished sessions or recommend other variants. This proved to be an essential step in encouraging repeat purchases.

UNIQSO utilized their loyalty program to drive key metrics like average order values and order frequency using strategic rewards. One of the most successful rewards they used were spending thresholds, this awarded extra points to customers that reach spending goal. This coupled with tiers, reward customers based on their history with UNIQSO, giving point multipliers for their commitment to their brand. This was successfully in motivating repeat purchases and kept shoppers from seeking alternatives.

UNIQSO leveraged Growave’s many features for maximum Engagement and Growth:

With the help of Instagram Photos they they pulled the images from their Instagram account and placed them in gallery on the website.
Growave helped them to automate the communication with clients. For instance Uniqso used Automated Emails asking to leave a review on a purchased item. This feature helped dramatically increase the number of reviews left by the customers.
Wishlist reminder feature helped to create a sense of urgency in a buyer and motivate them to purchase it as soon as possible.
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“We do not have IT department, so we have to study all the marketing products ourselves. We are lucky as Growave is very supportive in this area. It’s an easy to control and, most importantly, friendly and supportive platform.”


UNIQSO successfully inducted more than 300k customers into their loyalty program
They generated an engagement rate of 60% with their loyalty program
Loyalty points users generated 2x AOV and 1.8x order per customer
With rewards for reviews UNIQSO generated more than 11k reviews from customers
Since installing Growave UNIQSO customer base grew by +25% 
Lee Lee

"Instagram gallery is very convenient for customers. It lets them check the product they saw on Instagram instead of searching it on the site. Most of the times customers just give up if they can’t find the needed item”

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