WhatsApp, SMS, Email & Pop Ups

WhatsApp, SMS, Email & Pop Ups



Free plan available. Additional charges may apply. Starts at $14.99/month

App highlights:

Sendmation is a multi channel re-marketing platform for all your Ecommerce needs. It helps you reach out to the customers at the right time and at the right moment by using the power of Push, SMS & Emails. The best part about Sendmation is that you can set and forget with our system while our app will do the job of reaching out to your customers. With Sendmation’s you can retarget and re-engage those customers who almost made a purchase and left at the last step.

Sendmation app makes sure that every abandonment cart user can be tracked and retargeted through our time-triggered Push, Sms, and email automation.

Key Features:

  • Set and forget
  • Improve your sales by using Abandonment Cart Automation
  • Multi channel Abandonment cart strategy
  • Grow your sales by retargeting customers