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Sales Pop Ups is your ultimate solution to create urgency, build social proof, and enhance trust among your visitors, ultimately leading to increased sales and improved customer engagement. Our app revolutionizes the shopping experience by displaying recent order notifications and sold inventory count, providing real-time proof of what others are buying. With our powerful features, you can create a sense of urgency, showcase product popularity, and reduce friction for potential buyers.

Key Features of Sales Pop Ups:

  1. Sales Notifications: Instantly display recent order notifications, showcasing what items have been purchased recently, creating urgency and encouraging visitors to make a purchase.
  2. Stock Countdown Bar: Showcase the remaining stock with a countdown bar, effectively conveying scarcity and prompting buyers to act quickly before the product runs out.
  3. Countdown Timer (Countdown Clock): Utilize a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to make a purchase before the timer runs out, enhancing conversion rates.
  4. Product Visitors Counter: Display a live traffic counter, showing the number of visitors currently viewing a specific product, establishing social proof and product popularity.
  5. Sold Counter: Highlight the number of items sold, providing real-time proof of the product's popularity and encouraging trust among potential buyers.
  6. Quick View Popup: Reduce friction and enhance user experience with a quick view of products directly on the store, allowing visitors to explore products without leaving the current page.
  7. Trust Badges: Build trust and credibility with trust badges, reassuring visitors about the authenticity and reliability of your store, crucial for gaining the confidence of new visitors.
  8. Free Shipping Bar/Announcement Bar (Coming Soon): Communicate free shipping offers or announcements directly to visitors, boosting conversions and encouraging buyers to explore more.
  9. Upsell/Cross-Sell (Coming Soon): Increase average order value by implementing upsell and cross-sell strategies, enhancing sales and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Top Benefits of Sales Pop Ups | Social Proof:

  • Create Social Proof: Displaying recent sales activities builds social proof, showcasing your store's popularity and encouraging trust among potential buyers.
  • Urgency with Countdown Timer: Generate a sense of urgency among buyers with countdown timers and stock countdowns, encouraging quick decision-making and driving conversions.
  • Product Popularity: Display live traffic counters to showcase product popularity, creating excitement and encouraging visitors to explore top-selling items.
  • Boost Sales and Engagement: Enhance customer engagement, reduce bounce rates, and boost sales by providing real-time information, urging visitors to take action.
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