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App highlights:

Wasting time replying to repeated queries?

Automate your Support with Multi-lingual FAQs, Help Center/FAQ Page, Order Tracking, Track order page, Contact us form page with Captcha, Social Share button, WhatsApp, Tidio, Tawk.to, Shopify Live chat, Live video shop, shoppable videos, Pinterest "Pin it" button, No-code and 1-click Install.

Provide a great post-purchase experience on your e-commerce store! Keep your customers updated on the whereabouts of their orders until delivery through an intuitive self-service experience to resolve their issues instantly and autonomously without reaching your support agent.

Key Features:

  • Add 1:1 Live Video Shopping to your store to meet, engage & assist your online customers face to face.
  • Set agent availability hours
  • Enable video call nudge button
  • Receive incoming video call notifications on multiple devices
  • Multi-language support
  • Resolve Customer issues (Instantly & autonomously).
  • Significant reduction in customer wait times
  • Increase in sales conversion
  • Save customer support cost
  • FAQ Page with questions/answers templates | Help centre page
  • Beautifully designed, ready-to-use pre-filled FAQ question templates to save your time. Start providing automated support immediately.
  • Edit/Replace/Add custom FAQs or categories.
  • Rich media editor to upload YouTube videos(just paste the video link), images and links in the FAQs
  • Auto-generation of Help centre/FAQ page (custom footer with HTML supported
  • Multi-user WhatsApp live chat - Unlimited WhatsApp Chats and unlimited WhatsApp Support Agent number
  • Contact us Form with Captcha - Receive & reply to support inquiries via Email (helpdesk). Auto-generation of Contact us page (with custom header & footer
  • Order tracking page, Order status lookup, Shipping status (supports both email Id and phone number)
  • Simple UI with email/phone number and order number fields to view the status of their orders as many times as they'd like.
  • Integrates natively with (Shopify's order confirmation page)
  • Auto-generation of the Track order page
  • Social Share button and icons on your store
  • Live Chat Integrations - Comes Pre-integrated with WhatsApp,Messenger,Tawk.to,Tidio,Shopify chat.


Growave replaces
several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

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