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App highlights:

Besides our main effort on designing a simple and user friendly user experience, the most prominent feature of our service is our technical support team. We are aware that all customers, even the ones who use our Free Plan, have the right to ask for ANY customizations on the service regarding their shop. So we designed a very organized support process and our support team is ready almost 24/7 to handle merchants’ requested customizations.

Bundling is a very common technique in e-commerce and sales to promote your products and increase the average order value (AOV) and the conversion rate. The main reason that this win-win method is so common, is that it's easy to understand for customers and also for merchants to create that kind of offer.

We believe that a client has the right to test all the features on the app to be able to make a clear decision about continuing the use of the app. All the features are available in the Free Trial period so that you can have a full experience on the app.

Account Manager: A dedicated account manager will provide you with weekly notifications and help you optimize the offers on your shop (Only available on the Platinum plan)

Key Features:

  • Show bundles on the products’ pages.
  • Customization of the bundle design (button label and color, bundle title, etc.)
  • Offers Page: Shows all active and available bundles on one page.
  • Creating Multiple and Single product bundles (BOGO)
  • Creating a landing page for a specific bundle; good for campaigns.
  • Supports all currencies and languages.
  • Fully responsive and adaptive with any size of screens.
  • Live chat for support.
  • Choose between linking the Add Bundle button to the cart page or the checkout page.
  • Cart Pop Up: A bundle offer pops up on the cart page if a product has been added to the cart and a bundle has been created for it.
  • Offer as a Product (Bundle as a Product): This feature is great for creating combo products, kits, and looks in order to allow customers to shop the whole package as one product.
  • Volume Discount: Create volume discount (quantity discount) offers with various rules and options. (New!)
  • Simple Mix and Match: Create bundles that let customers select or deselect items from the offer with simple quantity rules. (New!)
  • Free Shipping: You can add a Free Shipping discount on a bundle offer. (New!)
  • Volume Discount and Mix & Match offers

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