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App highlights:

Intuitive Shipping expands on Shopify's built-in shipping options, giving you all the tools you need to charge your customers the right price for shipping. If you can think of it, Intuitive Shipping can do it. From Basic to Plus, we've empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to scale their stores.

The shipping step of checkout is where shoppers turn into buyers. When shipping costs don't make sense, and delivery options are vague, abandoned checkouts increase, or you are left spending your hard-earned profit on unexpected shipping costs during fulfillment. Intuitive Shipping removes unnecessary friction during checkout by giving you control over shipping costs and how they're presented to your customers.

We get it; shipping is complicated, and learning the ropes of any new app can be daunting. If you want a guided tour of the app tailored to your specific shipping needs, book your free onboarding session on the 'Get Started' page of the app.

Key Features:

  • Connect your ShipStation account to return negotiated rates from top carriers.
  • Display accurate delivery estimates directly from your shipping carrier to set realistic delivery expectations for your customers.
  • Define how rates from different rule sets should be combined (blended) at checkout.
  • Offer store pick-up options within specified postal/zip code zones (Supports UK Postcodes).
  • Assign custom shipping descriptions to add special instructions or notes to appear under your shipping rates at checkout
  • Mix & match over 40 Conditions including Customer Tag, Collection, & Time of Day to control every aspect of your shipping costs to boost conversions & increase profit.
  • Leverage SmartBoxing to display accurate costs for real-time shipping options & to give customers access to faster shipping speeds
  • Customizable free shipping triggers let you offer free shipping to special customers or if cart value is above a specified amount.
  • Assign custom pricing based on product quantity, weight, distance and more

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