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App highlights:


Automatically send in-email or on-landing review requests to collect site reviews and product reviews. Send in-email review requests to past orders on predefined periods. Send Manual Review Request to Google, Yelp.

AI has been revolutionizing the way we think about analyzing review sentiment. Using AI, you can analyze reviews as they come in to learn how your customers feel and react at all stages of their experience with you - from new visitors to repeat buyers. Using AI, we provide you the possibility to check, find and show the most used words from your product reviews. Your potential customers can see the main review keywords that were used in reviews.

Key features:

  • Collect Review
  • Reply to Reviews on Autopilot
  • Auto Approve Reviews using AI
  • Review Request Reminders
  • Review Sentiment
  • Review Keywords AI
  • Search in Reviews
  • Migrate Reviews
  • Automated Review Request Statistics
  • Automatic Google shopping feed generation
  • Review Request scheduling
  • Manual review requests
  • Review Request for past orders
  • SEO - Rich Snippets, Inline SEO, Google Shopping, JSON-LD Schema, Google Seller Ratings & All review content indexable by Google
  • Import Reviews from our competitors
  • Strong Social Proof
  • Automatic in-email or on-landing review request
  • Use one of our 14 carousel designs, customize and adjust every element in the review carousel.
  • Respond to your reviewers on auto-pilot in public or private to show you care for every customer. Reply to all ds reviews.
  • Analyze review sentiment using AI
  • Review Keywords and Search in Reviews. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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