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Starts from $12.95/month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

Transform your Shopify store into a compelling shopping destination with the Urgency+ Countdown Timer app. This versatile tool empowers you to create a sense of urgency, convincing buyers that the time to make a purchase is now. Whether it's the holiday season, Black Friday, Christmas, flash sales, or special offers, app enables you to implement fully customizable countdown timers tailored to your specific needs.

Key Features:

1. Easy Customization:

  • Effortlessly customize your countdown timer using a user-friendly editor. Adjust font size, color, background, buttons, and other visual elements to match your store's unique style and branding.

2. Versatile Designs:

  • Choose from 11 design templates and create countdown timers for various sections of your store, including Homepage, Collections, and Product Pages. Tailor your timers to specific events, ensuring a personalized shopping experience for your visitors.

3. Timer Flexibility:

  • Opt for scheduled or fixed-length timers, generic or individual timers for each visitor. Implement auto-restart functionality to keep your countdowns active and engaging after the end date.

4. Strategic Placement:

  • Position your timers at the header or bottom of your store, or even as widgets on specific product pages. Use an announcement bar to keep customers informed about free shipping, welcome discounts, special offers, and more.

5. Diverse Countdown Styles:

  • Choose from 6 new countdown styles, including flipper, matrix, and solid background designs. Highlight your flash sales or special offers prominently, capturing visitors' attention and boosting revenue.

6. Full Compatibility and Mobile-Friendliness:

  • Urgency+ is fully compatible with any Shopify theme. If you encounter issues, dedicated tech support will integrate it seamlessly into your store at no extra cost. Rest assured, the app is 100% mobile-friendly, ensuring a smooth shopping experience across devices.

7. Quality Guarantee and Support:

  • Enjoy a 100% quality guarantee. If the app doesn't pay for itself within two weeks, you can uninstall it and request a refund. If you've used the app for up to one month and then uninstalled it, we offer a 50% refund of your monthly subscription cost. Benefit from 24/7 support, ensuring you have assistance whenever you need it.

Implement a Countdown Timer app to instill urgency, captivate buyers, and drive sales. Elevate your store's appeal, create engaging shopping experiences, and boost conversions effortlessly. Enhance your marketing strategies and customer engagement with this powerful tool. Start your countdown to increased revenue and customer satisfaction today!

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