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App highlights:

We scan every product and page in your shop to find any missing alt texts or broken links. We also search for missing meta titles and meta descriptions and provide the right course of action to improve your seo.

Get everything you need in a single click. Sit back while we compress all site images, products, collections, assets, and blog articles. You'll have great quality photos with faster loading speeds. You can enable or disable any feature you want. Over 200 options to choose from!

Scan your shop to discover your most popular keywords. Easily search competitor sites as well. Powerful Seo tool to get clicked! All users can export their original or optimized photos to a free dropbox account. Save time editing your photos for your Facebook, Google, Instagram, Etsy, or Ebay seller accounts.

Bulk edit your product image alt texts! Choose your keyword pattern and automatically tag all your photos with smart SEO friendly keywords!

Key Features:

  • Membership Not Required
  • Alt Texts Manager
  • Full Shop SEO Scan - See all the areas that can be improved for seo.
  • Keywords Manager - Discover your most popular seo keywords.
  • Google Performance - See what your ranking stats and click-thru rates.
  • Affiliate Program - Earn monthly discounts by installing on your other shops.
  • Live Chat Support. If you have any questions, you can always reach us via live chat within the app. We're always available to respond!
  • Product Meta Titles and Descriptions Manager
  • JSON-LD Microdata Manager
  • Sitemap Manager
  • Improve your Product Photos for Search
  • Scan your Shop for SEO Issues
  • Optimize your Entire Shop in One Click
  • Optimizes your New Products Automatically
  • Keywords Manager
  • Disable Right-Click to Prevent Photo Theft
  • Export Product Photos for FREE

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