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App highlights:

RecurrinGO is a fully-fledged recurring orders and payments solution. With this subscription app, you can offer your customers subscription products on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis and give them a discount. This way, you will increase your customer lifetime value and boost revenue!

Key Features

  • Auto-charging subscriptions fully integrated with Shopify checkout, orders, themes, shipping, and taxes.
  • In-depth analytics to get insights from subscription rules and customer subscriptions.
  • Smart subscription management with the ability to edit customer subscriptions. Swap, add, and remove products in subscriptions. Change product price, shipping price, payment schedule, and shipping address in minutes.
  • Customer portal that your subscribers will enjoy. Allow customers to skip, pause, or cancel their subscriptions easily.
  • Fully customizable subscription widget: every element can be changed to match your store style. Place the widget anywhere on the page. Adjust for any theme with a built-in editor and online preview feature.
  • Dunning management to reduce churn. Define a number of unsuccessful payment attempts for new unpaid subscriptions.
  • Cancellation management. Automatically trigger a questionnaire when a recurring order is canceled to understand your customers' motivations.
  • Send personalized email notifications to your customers. Set up and edit various types of notifications.
  • Invoices. Your customers can use any payment method suitable for them.
  • Allows mixed subscriptions in the same cart. Your users can start multiple subscriptions in the same order.
  • No more separate carts. You don’t need two types of carts - for one-time and subscription purchases. A mixed cart keeps all orders nicely in one place.
  • Notes for customer. Leave notes for customers to describe the subscription policy, benefits, and discounts to them. The notes are displayed on the subscription widget and can be different for each purchase frequency.
  • Give customers a discount when they subscribe. Make different discounts for each subscription frequency.
  • Works with Shopify's built-in reports.
  • Embedded in the Shopify Admin for a seamless workflow.
  • 24/7 Support

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