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B2B/Wholesale Solution


BSS Commerce





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App highlights:

All-in-one B2B Wholesale Solution: Custom Pricing, VAT, Form.

Give discounted prices to any customers. Build quantity/amount break rules with discounts. Create orders with custom pricing from backend. Add custom fields to manage B2B customer registration. Tag order/customer based on events. Configure VAT Exempt Rules and Tax Display. Set min/max order amount/quantity, switch currency per users' location, create B2B discount code, add custom fields to Order/Draft Order.

Key Features:

  • Expand the default form with more fields (EU VAT validation; checkboxes; Dropdown; Radio options; Date; Text; etc.)
  • Create separate Registration forms besides the default forms
  • Manage all registrations in the grid
  • Review and approve registrations before creating a customer account on your store
  • Add a tag for approved customers to manage easily later
  • Set up Custom Pricing for products based on customers/customer tags
  • Dawn Theme 2.0 Compatible (and 99% of Shopify Themes)
  • Create custom B2B registrations to separate customers from the start
  • Set up discounted prices for products/collections based on tags
  • Set the prices to a specific amount
  • Reduce the prices by a specific percentage/amount/fixed price
  • Quantity Increment Setup
  • Pricing schedule time
  • Set up tier-discount (Quantity Break/Volume Discount) based on product quantities in orders
  • Set up tier discounts based on quantities of variants, products, and orders
  • Design a tier-pricing table to show on product pages and cart pages
  • Auto-add tags for customers based on smart conditions
  • Add tags and notes based on Customer and Order Actions
  • Bulk update tags for existing customers
  • Add Auto Tags based on Custom Fields created by B2B Forms
  • Manual Order from the admin backend
  • Create orders with custom pricing/quantity breaks for your customers right from the Backend.
  • Easily manage custom order
  • Public API for 3rd integration
  • Custom Pricing API
  • Quantity Break API
  • Tax exemption for validated EU VAT numbers/ABN validation
  • Validate EU VAT IDs in real-time and automatically deduct VAT for customers with valid IDs.
  • Tax ID saved on Order Note/Order Attributes
  • Validate ABN for Australian businesses
  • Including / Excluding Tax Displayed on Product Page/Cart Page
  • Work well whether "All Prices including tax option" is ticked or not
  • Work with Draft Order API
  • Advanced Minimum Order Amount
  • Restrict customer's checkout if minimum order quantity/amount is not reached.
  • Work on the Cart page and the Buy It Now button.
  • Create Discount Code for customers to enter at Cart page.
  • Easily add Discount Code for B2B Customers
  • Integrated with Draft Order and Shopify
  • Multiple Currency
  • Automatic currency switcher
  • No coding
  • Add Fields to Order/Draft Order
  • Add any information to the Draft Order technique
  • Add Order Notes automatically
  • Easily integrate with 3rd apps on the cart page
  • More advanced features coming soon!

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