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OneClickUpsell, your solution for elevating top-line revenue, revolutionizes your Shopify store with seamless pre and post-purchase upsell funnels—all at the click of a button. Here's how OneClickUpsell enhances your sales strategy:

  1. Optimized Upsell Funnels: Experience effortless integration of pre and post-purchase upsells, along with in-cart upsell options. With just a few clicks, you can strategically place upsell offers, enhancing your customers' shopping experience and maximizing revenue potential.
  2. Shop Mini Integration: Unlock new opportunities for revenue growth with the Shop Mini integration. Expand your offers across various touchpoints to increase your average order value and overall revenue. Now, you can reach customers in more places, driving sales with ease.
  3. True One-Click Purchases: Eliminate friction from the buying process. OneClickUpsell ensures a seamless experience for customers by eliminating the need for them to re-enter payment information. True one-click purchases streamline the checkout process, encouraging swift and hassle-free transactions.
  4. Built-In Split Testing: Optimize your upsell funnels for peak performance without the hassle of custom coding. OneClickUpsell offers built-in split testing capabilities, allowing you to experiment with different placements and offers. Fine-tune your strategies based on real-time data, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
  5. Unlimited Upsells: Unlike other platforms, OneClickUpsell offers unlimited upsells without charging based on the number of views. This flexibility enables you to reach every potential customer with tailored offers, maximizing your conversion opportunities without worrying about additional costs.

With OneClickUpsell, you can effortlessly optimize your checkout experience, drive revenue growth, and create a seamless purchasing journey for your customers—all backed by robust features and expert support.


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several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

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