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App highlights:

Streamlined setup, customizable aesthetics, and complimentary gifts seamlessly integrated into the cart to stimulate higher spending.

Unlock the potential of free gifts as a dynamic marketing tool for your Shopify store with Gift Box. This application empowers you to provide tailored gift incentives based on your specified rules, a strategy that can elevate sales figures, foster customer loyalty, and elevate your average order value. The setup process is straightforward, and you can effortlessly convey personalized gift messages without the need for coding or design expertise. Additionally, you can take advantage of a seven-day free trial to explore the app's functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Free Gifts: Encourage customers to increase their spending by offering complimentary products.
  • Gift Rules: Establish your own criteria, such as spending a specific amount in Collection Y or purchasing Product Z.
  • Automated Inclusions: Free gifts are seamlessly added to orders without any manual intervention.
  • Full Compatibility: Customers have the flexibility to enjoy free gifts while utilizing discount codes.
  • Gift Choices: Provide customers with the option to select their preferred gift from a curated list of options.

Growave replaces
several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

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