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Elevate your sales by creating enticing product bundles and gift boxes using Bundle Builder. Join a thriving community of Shopify entrepreneurs who've enhanced their store's average order value (AOV) with custom bundle pages and seamless multi-product purchasing experiences. Employ a robust discount engine to set up %, fixed or tiered discounts with defined rules. Plus, enjoy effortless inventory syncing whether for single or multi-SKU.

Quick Highlights:

  • Craft AOV-enhancing custom bundles to motivate increased spending.
  • Kickstart your success swiftly with a personal onboarding call.
  • Design integrated multi-product purchasing experiences effortlessly.
  • Set up appealing sales pages with flexible discounts and rules.
  • Explore pre-made bundles, pick & mix, shop the look, BOGOF, and more!

With Bundle Builder, setting up appealing bundled offers is a breeze, paving the way for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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