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Free to install. Charges are added to your account to collect funds contributed by your customers when they opt to add an offset

This movement is happening. Over 780 merchants are using Carbon Neutral Cart to allow customers to offset the CO2 impact of their online purchases.

Customers can choose to make a contribution that goes towards trusted carbon offsetting projects, like tree planting and renewable energy projects. These trusted projects reduce carbon and drive meaningful impact in communities around the world

We think it’s important that the offsets your customers purchase are related to your location and can be instantly tracked. Installing our app helps support climate projects in countries such as New Zealand, United States, Canada, Australia, China, Kenya, Nigeria, India, and United Kingdom.

Key Features:

  • Proven Customer Love. If you’ve read our app reviews, you’ll know that brands and their customers love CarbonClick.
  • Unbelievably High Customer Engagement
  • Offset Your Entire Order
  • Local and Global Offsetting Choices
  • Earn an additional revenue stream. 10% of offsets sold goes to a rebate fund for you. Donate it to charity, offset business emissions or spend on in-house sustainability initiatives
  • Enable carbon offsetting for your customers in minutes

  • Free to start
  • Fast Go-live
  • Get our tech team to install it for you. Pro user? Self-onboard with step by step guide and video
  • Friendly, fast email support
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Customise the text displayed to tell your story
  • Translate into your language
  • E-commerce sustainability guide, marketing material, CarbonClick's eco-badge and more
  • Certified, trusted and traceable offset projects
  • Support mix of high impact projects
  • Automatically also support local projects if you're in US, AU and NZ

Help save our planet. Be part of the movement. Start making a difference today

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