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Lily Charmed is a family-owned designer jewelry business based in the United Kingdom. They aim to tell a story with jewelry by adding sentimental notes to each piece. The company maintains strong ethical standards and uses recycled silver. Each piece is made by a co-operative in Bali and with each worker receiving a profit share.

Lily Charmed leveraged Growave’s many features for maximum engagement and growth:

Reviews for Trust and Quality

Shoppable Instagram for Social Media Engagement

Wishlist for Cart Abandonment and Referral Traffic

Loyalty & Rewards for Acquisition and Retention

Google Shopping Synced Reviews for SEO

Emails for Re-Engagement and Communication

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As a Result

Cart Abandonment Fell by 22%

45% increase in Wishlist Users

30-40% Increase in Returning Customers

More than 3,000 impressions in the Instagram Gallery

Growave helped Lily Charmed get 600+ positive reviews

Loved by more than 13,000 Shopify merchants

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