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Beautiful Baleine’s experience with Growave

Find out how Growave can create a buzz around your business. A light hearted business like Baleine is made to stand out from the crowd because of their noble cause. We love these sort of storied at Growave and much of it has to do with the good that they represent.

Beautiful Baleine’s experience with Growave

Gus Anderson first had the idea of opening a Shopify store when he began learning more about whales and dolphins. It amazed him how such beautiful, intelligent animals could be poached in the wild and held in captivity. That sparked an idea to create Beautiful Baleine, a clothing company based in Modesto, CA that donates 10% of each sale to Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


Gus was new to e-commerce and business in general. It was hard to start from scratch and get people interested in a website. His team had to really understand what its audience needed and wanted. The biggest struggle was converting website visitors into buyers as well as email marketing.

“I considered everything. I looked through the APP store and tried countless apps, but most of them barely made any sort of difference. After throwing away countless dollars on facebook ads and other apps, I realized I had to find another way to pull my store together or I wouldn’t be around too long!”

Onboarding with the all-in-one marketing platform

Gus went on to test all sorts of apps for his store but never saw a change. In order to increase traffic and boost sales, he would have to use a lot of different features like reviews, sharing, discounts, email collecting, etc.

It's clear that no one who just started a business wants to spend hard earned money on so many apps. This was the reason why the Growave platform had caught Beautiful Baleine’s attention. It offers all these features in just one place for the price of one platform.

growave baleine

The power of sharing

It was important for Gus to get new leads, build trust and gain new customers. We got a goal and were moving towards it. We launched several sharing campaigns for Beautiful Baleine that were supposed to resolve the problem.

Growave offers a FLAWLESS social sharing program that includes post-purchase pop-ups that allow customers to share their purchases right away!”

- explains Beautiful Baleine’s founder. As a result, we saw site views increment as well as marketing list growth.

“Our customers were having great experiences and we wanted them to share that sentiment with others. We were looking for a way to let our happy customers work for us as well as build a community around our brand.”

Sharing icons for Shopify

Simplifying shopping experience

In the era of technology and internet, it’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t have at least one social media account. Then why not to use it to benefit you? That’s what Beautiful Baleine decided to do integrating the Social Login that helped to capture customer emails and growing marketing lists.

“Rather than a customer has only one option of creating an account directly with your store, Growave allows customers to log in using popular social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Amazon and many more! With the sleek drop-down menu style, creating an account with your store has never been easier”- says Gus.

social login

Inspiring customers to shop

Nowadays every store has an Instagram page. The best way to show off your products is to post not just a photo of a product itself, but show your followers the items you are selling in use. Those kinds of posts are visually more appealing and inspiring. This way a visitor can relate the product to himself.

The advantage of the Growave's Instagram product is an ability to create shoppable galleries that ease the process of buying a product they liked. “This is a perfect way to grow your social media accounts” - says Gus, - ”Growave offered an amazing price for a platform that offered a shoppable Instagram gallery

instagram gallery

Gaining visitor’s trust

For every business owner, it’s important to have customers trust their store. But sometimes it takes too long to earn that kind of trust, especially if the shop is new and not very popular.

What really helps in this situation is customers’ reviews that allow visitors to see other people’s experience with the product. With fully customizable emails, shop owners can capture reviews post-purchase directly from the email. “Growave platform offers the Reviews product, that is the most efficient on the market. Buyers will select a rating, write a review, and boom! Need some incentive for a buyer to post reviews? Offer rewards such as discounts or free shipping whenever customers post a review!”- describes Beautiful Baleine.


“The support this team provides is truly phenomenal. They offer to help set up and integrate every feature for you, so all you have to do is sit back and wait. When you log into your platform admin, you are greeted with a friendly, “how can I help you today?”.
Gus Anderson, founder at Beautiful Baleine

Impressed with Beautiful Baleine’s experience with Growave? Go ahead and try it for yourself!

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