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Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B  is one of the most powerful Shopify wholesale apps present currently. The app allows wholesalers to set up, run, and scale their wholesale business on Shopify by providing them with a one-stop solution to create personalized pricing and volume discounts based on different customer parameters. You can run a D2C plus wholesale combined store or a separate wholesale store using the application.

You can also create advanced shipping rules for your wholesale customer, offer then flexible net payment terms, automate payment reminders, and a lot more. 

Plus, with the Wholesale Pricing Discount app, you can set up a wholesale registration form to onboard new wholesale customers.  

Key Features:

Personalized pricing and discounts: The Wholesale Pricing Discount App allows you to set up and offer different pricing and discounts for different customers. This means that Customer A gets a certain price/discount and Customer B gets a different price/discount.
You can create multiple types of discounts for your wholesale customers like Percentage Discounts, Volume Discounts/Tiered Pricing, Individual Variant Pricing, Bulk Discounts, etc. 

Wholesale Sign-up Form: The app also enabled wholesalers to implement a “Wholesale sign-up form” on their website. This form helps in providing a great experience to website visitors who want to buy wholesale from your store.

Net payment terms: The app also allows you to give Net Payment Terms like Net 30, Net 60, or Net 90 to your customers giving them the flexibility to manage their cash flow more effectively and in turn build customer loyalty.Wholesale Discount Codes: Using the Wholesale Pricing Discount app, you can also create discount codes and share them with specific customers. Advanced Wholesale Shipping: With the app, you can also set advanced shipping rules based on parameters like order volume and weight.

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