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Effortlessly implement wholesale pricing, B2B pricing, net terms, and bulk discounts through a dedicated wholesale app.

Wholesale app simplifies the creation of a B2B wholesale price list. It offers a range of wholesale pricing features, including bulk discounts, tiered pricing, and net terms, making it a breeze to manage your B2B wholesale strategy. No custom integration or developer expertise is required to get started—simply install the app, and you're ready to roll! Moreover, rest assured that app does not inject any theme code, ensuring the safety and security of your store. You can leverage built-in analytics dashboard to monitor revenue and gauge engagement with your wholesale pricing structure.

Key features:

  • Provide wholesale pricing, bulk discounts, and tiered pricing based on customer tags.
  • Enable net terms orders, allowing customers to place orders with offline payment options.
  • Implement volume discounts, cart value discounts, and product quantity-based discounts.
  • Create custom price lists tailored for specific B2B customers, such as wholesalers and dealers.
  • Set mandatory minimum line item quantities or multiples to facilitate tiered pricing.

With the Wholesale Bear app, you have the tools you need to effortlessly establish and manage wholesale pricing, making it a seamless experience for both you and your B2B customers.

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