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Enhance your customer support experience and boost sales on your e-commerce platform with our powerful WhatsApp integration features. Enable the WhatsApp Chat button to offer swift customer assistance, engaging customers directly via WhatsApp and driving sales. Facilitate organic growth by enabling the WhatsApp Share button, empowering customers to spread the word about your business and increase revenue through referrals.

Key Features:

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Effortlessly recover abandoned carts by automatically sending WhatsApp and SMS messages. Increase sales and revenue with our automated recovery system, reaching out to customers seamlessly through WhatsApp and SMS.

2. WhatsApp Chat: Provide quick and efficient customer support by enabling our customizable WhatsApp Chat button. Engage with customers via WhatsApp, enhancing their experience and driving sales. Enjoy the flexibility to customize the chat button's appearance, including colors, position, and greeting message.

3. WhatsApp Share: Foster organic growth by enabling the WhatsApp Share button, allowing satisfied customers to spread the word. Boost revenues as customers promote your business through WhatsApp referrals, expanding your customer base.

4. Order Confirmation and Shipment Updates: Automatically notify customers about their order activities via WhatsApp and SMS. Send order confirmations, tracking details, and Cash on Delivery (COD) updates seamlessly. Even if a customer doesn't have WhatsApp, we ensure they receive SMS notifications, keeping them informed and engaged.

5. Smart SMS Delivery: If a WhatsApp message fails to send, our system automatically dispatches an SMS instead. Ensure reliable communication with customers, whether through WhatsApp or SMS, guaranteeing your messages reach their intended recipients.

6. Quality Customer Service: Provide exceptional customer service via WhatsApp, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth. Engage with customers effectively, addressing their queries and concerns promptly, ultimately boosting your sales.

7. Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with popular platforms including Gupshup, Twilio, Loox, Judge.me, Yotpo, Helpdesk, Live Chat, Klaviyo, and Omnisend (coming soon). Sweethelp serves as an affordable alternative to major customer service solutions, making it an ideal replacement for Gorgias, Freshdesk, Intercom, Reamaze, Zendesk, Superlemon, Sendmation, HelpNinja, and PushDaddy. Additionally, it provides a cost-effective replacement for SMSBump, Tidio, Kustomer, Postscript, Carts Guru, Consistent Cart, Recart, Whatshelp, Privy, Superlemon, Whatsy, Boleto, Livechat, WhatsApp, and Sendmation.

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