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Free to install. Chat is FREE, Automated messages for cart recovery, order confirmation are charged as whatsapp charges to avoid spam

App highlights:


Whatsapp Chat, Share &marketing Automation is free to install with one click. Post installation, justprovide your number, save it and you are ready to communicate with yourcustomers. They will contact in whatsapp number given. There are manyconfiguration available for advance customers, you can link facebook messenger,instagram as secondary button or can merge many into one chat.

Key Features:

  • Choose from 7 built in styles of chat as well as add as many operator you want. You can add share button in you site as well.
  • Bot for automated reply
  • Answer Order status instantly through chat
  • Display on desktop/ mobile (switch on/ switch off as per your convenience
  • Whatsapp number
  • CTA
  • Whatsapp message
  • Whatsapp share button
  • Button placement / background color / text color and size
  • Multiple whatsapp agents
  • Unlimited number of whatsapp chat: there is no limit on number of whatsapp chats.
  • Whatsapp analytics: you can see how many times your whatsapp number has been clicked.
  • Priority customer support
  • App Support
  • Order Automation
  • Marketing Automation


Add a loyalty program to your online store and increase customer retention with Growave

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