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App highlights:

Join the elite group of store owners who have recovered 6.6 Million USD so far using us.

Have your own WhatsApp number and handle your support conversations or replies to your WhatsApp messages as a team. Replying to the abandoned cart recovery messages increases sales immediately. From our analytics you get one reply from 2 messages sent and they are mostly unanswered. Get them answered with ease.

Key features:

* Broadcast Unlimited WhatsApp broadcast to send important messages or promotions to your users via WhatsApp with a single click.

* Chat with our simple setup, your customers can reach you with a single click from your website. No branding and unnecessary steps for them to reach you.

* Specify a custom message for customers reaching you when it's out of hours.

* Multiple Agents. If you have more than one person doing support, you can smartly redirect the chat to different people so that one person doesn't get overloaded.

* Share with a simple setup, you can add the share button where your customers can easily share your website with their WhatsApp friends.

* Automated recovery. We will be able to send the recovery messages automatically without you doing anything. You will be able to send unlimited WhatsApp messages and recover more money.

* Manual WhatsApp Recovery. Recover your abandoned carts by reaching them directly with the medium that they use to converse with peers. Setting up happens with a single click.

* Smart SMS Fall Back. If we can't reach your customer via WhatsApp, we send them an SMS to their mobile number and recover more orders for you :)

* Recovery messages with a single click. Recovery messages can be sent with a single click and we provide unlimited templates which you can create and re-use with a single click

* Email alerts for each abandoned cart. We send you emails for each abandoned cart so that you can immediately reach your customers. Faster recovery messages are the key and we help you with that.

* CRM. You can get your customer's details when you chat with your customers on WhatsApp. It gives you the complete details about that customer so that you can help them efficiently. You can compose order templates for sending order confirmations, ask for a review etc manually.

* Automated Order Confirmation messages

* Automated Order Shipping Alerts

* Automated COD Order Confirmation - Eliminate the risk of COD order cancellations, We will automatically send WhatsApp messages with a verification link to customers.


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