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Free plan available, paid plan starts from $9.99/month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

With CK app, you can have your own dedicated WhatsApp number and manage support conversations or respond to WhatsApp messages collaboratively as a team. Effectively addressing abandoned cart recovery messages leads to an immediate boost in sales, and analytics show that replies to these messages are often left unanswered. With their support assistance, you can effortlessly manage and respond to these queries, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Key Features:

1. Unlimited WhatsApp Broadcasts: Seamlessly send important messages or promotions to your users via WhatsApp with just one click. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited broadcasts, enhancing your communication reach effortlessly.

2. Simple Chat Setup: Engage with your customers effortlessly through a user-friendly chat setup. Customers can reach out to you with a single click directly from your website, eliminating unnecessary steps and branding for a smooth communication experience.

3. Customizable Out-of-Hours Message: Specify a personalized message for customers reaching out to you outside of business hours, ensuring they are informed and their queries are acknowledged.

4. Multiple Agents Support: Distribute chat conversations among multiple support agents intelligently, preventing overload on any single team member. Manage customer inquiries effectively by redirecting chats to different individuals.

5. Easy Share Button: Implement a simple share button on your website, allowing customers to effortlessly share your website with their WhatsApp contacts, expanding your reach organically.

6. Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery: Recover abandoned carts effortlessly with the automated system. Send recovery messages automatically without manual intervention, enabling you to recover more sales and revenue.

7. Manual WhatsApp Recovery: Reach out to customers directly through WhatsApp, the platform they use to communicate with peers. Set up direct communication with a single click, facilitating personalized engagement and recovery efforts.

8. Smart SMS Fall Back: If WhatsApp messages are undeliverable, we automatically send SMS notifications to customers' mobile numbers. Recover more orders by ensuring your messages reach customers through alternative means.

9. Single-Click Recovery Messages: Send recovery messages with a single click, utilizing unlimited templates that you can create and reuse effortlessly. Streamline your recovery efforts and engage customers effectively.

10. Email Alerts: Receive email alerts for each abandoned cart, enabling you to respond promptly and efficiently. Fast recovery messages are crucial, and CK ensures you have the tools to achieve this seamlessly.

11. CRM Integration: Access customer details during WhatsApp chats, allowing you to assist customers efficiently. Utilize this feature to compose order templates for sending order confirmations, requesting reviews, and more, enhancing your customer interactions.

12. Automated Order Confirmations and Shipping Alerts: Automate order confirmation messages and shipping alerts, ensuring customers are informed about their order status promptly and reducing the risk of cancellations for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders.

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