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Vidjet Technologies






App highlights:

Vidjet is Shopify’s first no-code video widget tool, especially designed to give your customers an engaging, non-intrusive experience on your website.

The video widget/pop-up format suits any website. It doesn’t impact the seamless flow of your website (app does not affect your Shopify theme) and doesn’t interrupt the customer journey.

Vidjet is a no-coding, easy to use app. You can display video widgets on your website as fast as you can take a sip of your coffee! Add the Shopify plugin, upload a video, optimize, and you’re good to go!

Videos should be personal and authentic. It can be you, your marketers, designers, store managers or ambassadors (UGC).

Just use your own device and upload it to Vidjet from your computer. Give it an authentic look for higher engagement!

Key Features:

  • Display product videos, product testimonials, or social proof videos to significantly boost your conversion rates.
  • Display personalised, welcoming, and informative videos to break the ice with your customers and build trust.
  • Vidjet enables you to use your customer's journey to display the right videos, at the right moment, to the right audience.
  • Fast & Easy Tool
  • Personal & Engaging. Select a use case and personalise your campaign based on your customer’s journey. Trigger videos based on your visitors’ actions and target specific pages.
  • Track conversions and engagement in real time! Vidjet provides accurate analytics for you to make the best data-driven decisions.
  • Deliver the right video at the right moment. Smart triggers: exit intent, time delay, page scroll, instant display, on click
  • Increased conversion rates - When visitors land on your website and see a friendly face to relate to, you gain their trust and increase their willingness to buy.
  • Better understanding of products - Show products through demo videos or product review videos to increase willingness to buy.
  • First mover advantage - Be the first over your competitors to increase your brand recognition.
  • Vidjet is free to everyone. If you get close to 1,000 video views per month, our team will get in touch and ask for feedback.
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Increase customer trust
  • Grow your online store

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