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Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $9.99/month.

Enable your store to tap into global markets and increase sales through currency conversion and language translation. The Translate My Store & Multi Currency app offers advanced tools and automation, allowing you to translate your store into numerous languages and provide real-time multi-currency conversion. With just a few clicks, your website can cater to over 130+ languages and 180+ currencies. Integrated seamlessly with Shopify Markets, 200+ third-party apps, and 230+ themes, app ensures your store delivers a fully localized shopping experience, ultimately enhancing global sales.

This app includes a multi-currency converter supporting 180+ currencies, enabling checkout in the local currency. It offers versatile translation options, allowing for automatic, manual, import, and export translation for over 130 languages. You can translate text from 200+ third-party apps using a visual editor, both manually and with AI assistance. Additionally, the app supports the translation of images and alt-text, allowing you to display images in your customers' languages.

Furthermore, the app provides a currency and language switcher equipped with auto-detect geolocation, functioning seamlessly across 230+ themes. This comprehensive solution ensures your store offers a tailored and user-friendly experience to customers around the world.

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