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App highlights:

Harness the power of the Snapchat pixel for deeper analytic data to increase ROAS.

The original Shopify Facebook Pixel app helps stores quickly integrate multiple Facebook & Snapchat pixels, add more pixel events & data, & optimize for more conversions.

Powered by a data-based analytics platform designed to help you run better ad campaigns, increase ROI, & leverage data to take your Facebook marketing program to the next level. Trackify advanced tag manager creates audiences for specific tags, collections, and time on-site for any product.

Easily connect your Facebook & Snapchat pixel with just one click. No developer resources are needed, with easy pixel integration to track custom events & parameters based on goals in your pixels.

With Trackify’s advanced audience builder, you can build and create highly targeted custom & look-a-like audiences of up to 20%. Create refined custom audiences based on niche, collection, date, & time data.

Key Features:

  • Added Events: View Category, Customize Product, View Cart, Lead, Add Shipping Info
  • Trackify for Time-On-Site/On-Page data
  • Now offering Snapchat Pixel Analytics
  • Added Parameters: Product tags, Collections, Date & time data, Advanced matching
  • Total purchase value (vital for free & shipping offers!)
  • Added Control: Disable microdata, Disable value reporting, Enable advanced matching, Use a percentage of actual value
  • Facebook Catalog Synchronization
  • Sync with event data: Use them for Facebook retargeting ads (DPA/dynamic product ads)
  • Auto-create product segments for all tracking tags
  • Seamless Pixel Integration
  • Server-Side API Purchase & Non Purchase events for niche & collection pixels
  • Accurate Data Reporting
  • CodeGenerator for external pages

Growave replaces
several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

Lily Charmed Jonathan Lee Growave

Jonathan Lee

Growave helped us increase revenue from repeat purchases by 25%


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