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Provide customers with the option to include multiple gift wraps, whether paid or free, add a personalized gift message, and conceal the order's price.

Super Gift Options enables you to enhance Halloween holiday orders by offering customers the ability to enhance their purchases with gift options. Customers can conveniently select and add multiple gift wrappings, compose a paid or free gift message, and request a gift receipt that hides the order's price. This can be seamlessly implemented through a stylish pop-up modal or a single checkbox option. Allowing customers to include gift wrapping as a pre-checkout add-on can significantly boost revenue and enhance conversion rates. Super Gift Options boasts high levels of customization, ensuring it harmonizes seamlessly with your store's unique design.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Gift Wraps: Empower customers to delight their loved ones with beautifully wrapped gifts.
  • Gift Message: Extend the option to customers to include paid or complimentary gift messages with their orders.
  • Gift Receipt: Allow customers to request the omission of the order's price from the invoice for added gifting discretion.
  • Selective Display: Choose whether to display gift options for specific products or apply them to your entire product range.
  • Highly Convertible Holiday Themes: Tailor your gift options to match popular holiday themes like Valentine's Day, Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM), Christmas, and more!
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