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Free plan available, paid plan starts from $24/month.

App highlights:

Dive into the ease of breaking down bundles into individual SKUs for real-time inventory syncing and effortless order fulfillment with Simple Bundles. Craft diverse bundle types like mix-and-match, multipacks, or curated sets using single-SKU, multi-SKU, or Infinite Option bundle features—all code-free. Extend your bundle offers both online and at POS, ensuring a smooth shopping journey for your customers.

Key Highlights:

  • Effortless bundle breakdown for real-time inventory syncing and order fulfillment.
  • Elevate sales with various bundle or quantity discount offerings.
  • Showcase bundles on dedicated product pages for enhanced promotion.
  • Create adaptable bundles with endless options catering to customer preferences.
  • Seamless integration with upsell apps, 3PL, WMS, shipping software, and POS for a holistic business operation.

With Simple Bundles, you're not just creating enticing deals, you're simplifying your operations while offering an enriched shopping experience. It's the perfect blend of flexibility, simplicity, and profitability, aligned with your sales strategy!

To track product batches and expiry dates, visit Freshly's Batch Inventory app.


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