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Free plan available, paid plan starts from $4.99/month.

Sale Kit by Qikify is the ultimate solution for online stores seeking powerful Social Proof and Urgency tactics to skyrocket sales, reduce cart abandonment, and foster trust among customers. This user-friendly app equips you with essential tools such as sales pop, visitor counter, cart countdown timer, announcement bar, and pop-ups. Specifically designed for new stores, Sale Kit streamlines the management process, builds customer trust, and significantly increases conversion rates – all without requiring any coding skills.

Key Features of Sale Kit by Qikify:

  1. Six Essential Sales Boosting Tools:
  2. Social Proof: Display recent sales pop notifications, visitor count notifications, and sold count notifications to build trust and trigger the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).
  3. Urgency & Scarcity: Add urgency and scarcity to motivate buyers to checkout quickly with cart countdowns and announcement bars promoting limited-time offers and promotions.
  4. Engagement: Increase customer engagement by collecting leads through newsletter popups, promoting campaigns with discount popups, and engaging visitors with exit popups.
  5. Simple & Customizable Campaigns: Easily set up your campaigns using a simple and intuitive interface. Customize social proof, urgency, announcement bars, countdown timers, and newsletter popups with available themes and templates tailored to your brand.
  6. Free Plan with All Essential Apps: Enjoy all the essential apps in the Free plan, allowing you to optimize your sales strategy without breaking the bank.
  7. Create Trust and Credibility: Display recently purchased orders and specific products on sales pop notifications, enhancing your brand’s credibility and popularity among visitors.
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