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App highlights:

Sale Kit is a simple yet efficient app that provides you powerful Social Proof and Urgency solutions. Essential tools to boost sales, reduce abandoned carts, and build trust.

Sale Kit provides necessary tools (sales pop, visitor counter, cart countdown timer, announcement bar, pop-ups), especially for new stores, to optimize the management process, build customer trust, and increase conversion rate. No coding skills required.

Easily set up your campaign with a simple and intuitive interface to quickly create social proof, urgency, announcement bar, countdown timer, and newsletter popup with available themes and templates. Displaying sales pop information by importing real-time data or customizing manually.

Show recently purchased orders to increase the brand’s credibility and popularity. Select specific products to promote on sales pop or create your own data to boost your newborn store.

Key Features:

  • 6 essential tools to boost sales: Social Proof, Sales Pop, Promotion Bar, Scarcity, Pop up
  • Simple & customizable campaigns
  • All apps available in Free plan
  • Create Social Proof with Recent sales pop - build trust and trigger user’s FOMO
  • Sales pop (Social Proof)
  • Online visitor count notifications (Social Proof)
  • Sold count notifications (Social Proof)
  • Adding Urgency & Scarcity - motivate buyers to checkout quickly
  • Cart countdown (Urgency, Scarcity)
  • Announcement bar (Urgency, Scarcity, Promotion)
  • Increase Engagement - collect leads & promote your campaigns
  • Newsletter popup (Collect email)
  • Discount popup (Promotion)
  • Exit popup (Engagement)
  • Create Social Proof, Sales Pop, Scarcity, Announcement Bar, and Popup today for FREE.

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