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Ryviu, a product review application, is designed to assist you in cultivating eCommerce social proof, enhancing trust, and driving sales.

If you're seeking a straightforward method to amplify sales and bolster trust within your eCommerce store, look no further than Ryviu! Application offers a range of impressive features aimed at helping you effectively present product reviews and address customer inquiries. You can effortlessly import reviews from various sources, tailor and optimize them to seamlessly integrate into your store's design, all while enjoying dedicated support through live chat feature. Start utilizing Ryviu today and witness the tangible impact it can make on your eCommerce success.

  • Display customer reviews on your store with the flexibility to position them as desired, using multiple themes for a cohesive look.
  • Efficiently import reviews, complete with photos, from diverse sources such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and CSV files.
  • Leverage email communication to gather reviews from customers after they have made product purchases.
  • Enhance customer engagement with a Question & Answer feature that facilitates inquiries about your products.
  • Utilize Ryviu to boost website traffic, enhance SEO performance, build trust among your audience, and ultimately drive sales.


Growave replaces
several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

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