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App highlights:

Trusted by thousands of Shopify merchants, Report Pundit is a reporting system to access allShopify reports and create any custom report to meet your unique businessneeds. Select from morethan 80 pre-created reports. Live chat experts will create custom reports onrequest. They also create custom analyses like Cohort tables & dashboards.

Key Features:

1) Create any report from data in your store. Sendautomated email to supplier, accountant, fulfillment vendor, partner ormanagement.

2) Build simple to complex reports to track andanalyze trends. View, filter or sort data instantly for any date range.

3) Create custom fields unique to your store."Calculated Fields" is a powerful feature to create your own customfields.

4) Connect Google Analytics and Facebook account tosee the full journey from visitor to customer. Analyze customer journey andattribution reports.

5) Integrate (optional) data from Google Analytics,Facebook, Klaviyo, PayPal, Ship Station, Klarna & Stripe.


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