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App highlights:

Enhance your e-commerce store's customer experience and boost revenue by creating personalized product recommendation quizzes with Quizify. This web-powered quiz builder empowers online retailers to guide customers towards the perfect product choices, increasing sales and reducing returns. Just as customers seek assistance in physical stores, Quizify provides valuable guidance through interactive quizzes, ensuring visitors find exactly what they're looking for.

Key Features:

1. Easy-to-Use Quiz Builder: Craft engaging quizzes effortlessly with Quizify's user-friendly design and attractive quiz templates. Create interactive experiences tailored to your brand and products without the hassle.

2. Personalized Product Recommendations: Increase sales and customer satisfaction by recommending the right products based on customers' quiz responses. Provide personalized suggestions that align with individual preferences, enhancing the likelihood of successful purchases.

3. Diverse Recommendation Types: Utilize various recommendation methods, including direct, tag, score, and type-based approaches. Cover all your customers' needs by tailoring recommendations to different product categories, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying shopping experience.

4. Conditional Logic: Implement conditional logic to dynamically adjust quizzes based on customers' answers. Automatically skip, display, or hide questions, ensuring a seamless and relevant quiz flow that adapts to individual preferences and needs.

5. Powerful Analytics and Insights: Access powerful analytics and actionable insights derived from customer quiz responses. Gain valuable data to understand customer needs, preferences, and behavior, enabling you to target your audience effectively with highly accurate and targeted marketing campaigns.


Growave replaces
several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

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Growave helped us increase revenue from repeat purchases by 25%


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