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Conversion Bear Sales Pop Ups is your go-to tool for significantly increasing your conversion rates by leveraging the power of social proof. By displaying real-time sales pop notifications and add-to-cart pop notifications, this innovative app capitalizes on the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to encourage more sales, providing your shoppers with instant social proof of recent purchases. What sets us apart? Our sales pop design is entirely customizable, allowing you to match the pop-ups seamlessly with your store's design, colors, and fonts. With four incredible templates that can be applied in just a click, creating a sales pop that resonates with your brand is now simpler than ever.

Key Features of Sales Pop Ups:

  • Fully Customizable Design: Design your sales pop notifications effortlessly to align with your brand identity. Our intuitive interface lets you customize colors, texts, and designs without any technical expertise, ensuring your pop-ups look and feel like your store.
  • Add to Cart Pop Ups: Motivate your visitors further by showcasing products recently added to their carts, making it an ideal solution for new stores eager for those initial orders. No developers needed, and no theme code changes required – it works instantly with any store theme in just one click.
  • Comprehensive Control: Enjoy complete control over your sales pop-ups. Adjust colors, texts, and designs to match your store theme perfectly. Hide notifications on specific pages, edit all sales pop texts to match your website language, and even customize with built-in custom CSS and custom JS.
  • Performance and Compatibility: Sales Pop Ups is fast, CDN-based, and seamlessly integrates with any other app or theme. It doesn't require any theme code changes or code injections, ensuring hassle-free implementation.
  • Detailed Tracking and Support: Track every sales pop-up click to gain insights into your buyers' behavior. Plus, benefit from live chat support and concierge setup, ensuring you get the most out of our app.
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