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App highlights:

Product Reviews Autoketing is an application that allows shop owners to manage the product review section on their website brilliantly and conveniently.

Shop owners can customize what product reviews they want to display on their websites. All product reviews will be automatically approved based on the criteria that the shop owners have set.

Customers say section will help you show reviews that you are most interested in to customers on one or all pages of your website. Therefore, your customers will have more trust from honest reviews.

Key Features:

  • Popup review: Halloween theme helps you encourage customers to leave reviews on this holiday
  • Rating icon: Support theme of all big holidays in the world including Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • What our customers say
  • Popup review: Show popup to ask for review and invite to experience the product
  • SEO rich snippets: Show product reviews on Google search
  • Import and export product reviews
  • Product reviews approval: Review management system
  • Automatically show reviews based on installation criteria
  • Style and theme: Layout, color, verified badge
  • Rating icons: Full option
  • Reaction icons: Full option
  • Show country flag on each product review
  • Show format to write a product review
  • Allow to upload images for product reviews
  • Automatically show product reviews based on customer location
  • Show number of product review per page
  • Information of shop owner to reply
  • Send thank-you email for new product reviews
  • Send emails to notify customers when their comment has been answered by the shop owner
  • Product reviews app importing: This function allows shop owners to import reviews for various products from Shopify and other platforms.
  • Product reviews approval: This is a system to manage all product reviews that do not meet the requirements that shop owners set up. For instance, if shop owners set automatic publishing for product reviews with four stars and above, lower feedback will go straight to the product review approval section. Shop owners can choose to publish or delete those product reviews.
  • Popup review: Increase reviews - increase sales quickly
  • Show the popup to invite customers to leave reviews for products or participate in discussions about products of interest.
  • SEO rich snippets: Show product reviews on Google search.
  • Email campaign. Anytime, your customer leaves a review, a thank you email will automatically be sent to them.
  • Whenever you reply to a customer comment, an email notification is sent to them.

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