Ongoing Subscriptions


Ongoing Subscriptions

Price from:
Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $99/month and comes with a 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Boost your revenue and enhance customer retention effortlessly with Ongoing. Experience the ease of powerful subscription management!Ongoing, a Subscription app crafted in the USA, provides premium recurring billing services for Shopify Store owners. Introduce a 'Subscribe & Save' option on products with automatic recurring charges and scheduled orders in just a few clicks. This flagship Build-a-Box feature allows shoppers to subscribe to multiple products simultaneously, effectively increasing the average order value. Ongoing also offers enticing up-sell options, including product bundling, minimum order requirements, and frequency-based discounts.

Key Features:

  • Quickly create subscription products with enticing discount incentives within minutes.
  • Empower customers to mix and match products using Build-a-Box, promoting bundled savings.
  • Enjoy the convenience of automatic recurring billing, ensuring regular charges for customers.
  • Streamline your workflow with automatically scheduled subscription orders, seamlessly integrated into your Shopify orders.
  • Benefit from failed payment recapture, supported by a suite of automatic emails designed to manage billing issues effectively.
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