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App highlights:

Google Shopping and more!

Your sophisticated shipping cost structure can be synchronized with Google Merchant Center settings and/or included in the feeds, so you can advertise shipping/tax exactly as it is in your store, avoid Google disapproval and loss of customers or profit due to incorrect shipping. Support Custom shipping profiles and Advanced Shipping Rules app.

Select collections to be included/excluded in feeds and get charged for only the number of products included. Optionally set feed settings (category, age group, gender, custom labels, promotion, shipping, etc) per collections. Quickly rule out the disapproved products by using exclude collections.

Rule-based settings gives even more flexibility. Set the Google category to "Shirts & Tops" if the product title includes the word "shirt" and set it to "Shoes" if it includes the word "shoe".

Choose variants to be included in feeds by options or metafields. This means you can feed multi-pricing portfolios (e.g. created by Multi Country Pricing app) to the right country.

Key Features:

  • Google Shopping: create multiple Google Shopping Feeds and Smart Shopping campaigns
  • Custom feeds for even more market places
  • Go cross border with multilingual, multi-currency and international pricing feeds
  • Multilingual: supported translator apps includes GTranslate, Langify, LangShop, Weglot, MultiLingo, Translate My Store, etc.
  • Multi-currency: with or without Shopify payments
  • Multiple domains
  • Shopify international pricing (price list) is supported
  • Fully customizable feed data for SEO
  • Latest feed attributes: monthly installments, unit pricing measure, etc.
  • Custom feed image for better conversion.
  • Custom title and description for better SEO.
  • Synchronize shipping/tax settings from Shopify
  • Easy products grouping based on Shopify collections
  • Rule-based feed configuration
  • Full options of feed formats. Support file feeds (CSV, TSV and XML) and API feeds.
  • Robust feed builder
  • Google Shopping expert support

Growave replaces
several Shopify apps: loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, wishlist

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