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App highlights:

An ultra customizable Cart Drawer crammed full of persuasive AOV increasing upsell features! People love discounts. We offer a tiered discount system that encourages customers to buy more of a product!​

Boost your conversion rates by adding upsells and incentives that look stunning, at the right time of the buying process and eliminating unnecessary pop-ups. ​ Gain quick insights into which campaigns are converting best to make informed decisions using data from our analytics dashboard.​

Key Features:

  • Higher conversion rates due to upsells feeling 100% natural and non-salesy to customers. (Avoiding the need for spammy pop-ups or scary offer pages that devalue products and kill conversions.)
  • Use highly persuasive unlock goals with progress bars proven to increase revenue. (Removing the need for heavy discount offers that devalue products and decrease margins)
  • Evergreen upsell offers. (All upsells are designed to be evergreen so customers don't feel ripped off the next time they buy from you.)
  • Utilizes Shopify frequently bought together machine learning. (Making it easy to for stores with large product catalogues to create offers)
  • Works with non-physical products using one tick upsell campaigns. (Priority processing, Gift Wrapping, Warranty, Insurance)
  • New unlocks get people excited. So set goals for your customers that unlock specific rewards. (Add $X to unlock = free shipping)
  • Buy more save more (Tiered Pricing)
  • We have a tick box that adds a little extra $ To shopping carts (Priority processing, gift wrapping, warranty)
  • People buy relevant products. So we suggest no-brainer items that can be added with 1 simple click!​
  • Conversion optimized
  • Ultra customized and intuitive design
  • Powerful analytics. Numbers don’t lie.
  • Cash on delivery checkout - COD

Add a loyalty program to your online store and increase customer retention with Growave

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