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Locksmith is for access control, on your online storefront. We've been doing this very well, for a long time. :)

As a tool, Locksmith's power comes from a super-versatile yet super-simple idea: locks to protect your content, and keys to let different people in.

Once you've locked something, use keys to grant access if the customer has certain condition marked for them

We've been with Shopify for more than 9 years. We know the platform backwards and forwards, and we've built Locksmith with care. It's the best, frankly, and it's here to solve this problem for you, so you can get back to what you were made to do. :) If you have any questions, use the "Get support" link on this listing.

Key Features:

  • Access control for everything.
  • Grant access using any custom condition by using a little Liquid code.
  • Simple setup. Auto-installed.
  • Support that loves you. :)

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