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Lifetimely by AMP is a powerful tool designed specifically for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, providing essential insights and analytics to drive informed decision-making. By offering a comprehensive suite of features, Lifetimely enables businesses to understand their profitability, customer behavior, and marketing efficacy. Here's a detailed look at what Lifetimely brings to the table:

1. Profit and Customer Insights: Lifetimely simplifies the complex task of calculating profits. It provides automated Profit & Loss reports integrated with 10+ marketing and shipping platforms. By centralizing your data, it offers a holistic view of your business’s financial health.

2. Precise Lifetime Value (LTV) Projections: Gain a deep understanding of your customer base with accurate LTV projections. Lifetimely helps you project Customer Lifetime Values, enabling you to plan and strategize effectively for long-term customer engagement and revenue growth.

3. Customizable Dashboards and Email Reports: Tailor your analytics experience. Lifetimely offers customizable dashboards and email reports, allowing you to focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter the most to your business. This customization ensures that you receive relevant, actionable insights.

4. Advanced Cohort Analysis: Uncover intricate patterns in customer purchase behavior using advanced cohort analysis. Filter data based on variables, explore various metrics, and utilize CAC payback calculators. These tools provide deep insights into customer segments, helping you target your marketing efforts more effectively.

5. Monthly Projections and Revenue Insights: Plan for the future confidently. Lifetimely provides month-to-month projections for LTV and revenue, offering invaluable foresight into your business’s financial trajectory. This predictive analysis aids in making proactive decisions to maximize profits.

6. In-Depth Reports on Customer Behavior: Explore your customers’ repeat buying habits through 7+ in-depth reports. These detailed insights illuminate customer behavior, allowing you to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities for enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

In summary, Lifetimely by AMP revolutionizes how D2C brands approach data analysis. By eliminating the hassle of spreadsheets, it empowers businesses to delve deep into their data, enabling them to make profitable, data-driven decisions. Whether you're projecting LTV, analyzing customer behavior, or assessing marketing effectiveness, Lifetimely equips you with the tools and insights needed for sustainable growth in the competitive digital landscape.

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