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App highlights:

Make your business international in minutes! LangShop language translator & currency converter app - helps to expand Shopify store borders and reach international customers, even in the farthest corners of the globe, with 241 languages and dialects and 80 currencies available. Takes only minutes, in background mode!

LangShop integrates with Google and DeepL pro translation drivers. Using only one pro driver, you can get a greater output of your multilingual content with accurate translations, fewer grammar mistakes, and spelling errors.

Or order agency translation right inside the app and get multi-language content of the highest quality translated manually by professionals. The app detects visitors’ location & displays their preferred language and currency of the store automatically at their first visit.

Key features:

  • Translated checkout, email notifications, dynamic content (pop-ups, 3rd party apps, etc).
  • No limits on the number of words & pageviews on any plan.
  • Translation suggestions by translation drivers (Google, Baidu, Watson, Bing, Yandex)
  • Different images for every translated version of your store's content
  • Integrated with Shopify Translation native API
  • Localization for RTL languages
  • Unlimited storage of the translation history
  • Easy translation and management
  • Select a language, run machine translation, and add as many languages and currency switchers to the store as you need, and customize them.
  • Use LangShop’s post-editing features (manual editing, translation suggestions, and history) to control the quality of your translations.
  • Monitor and edit translations via an intuitive analytics dashboard.
  • ALL types of content can be translated with the LangShop language translator app.
  • SEO ready and optimized
  • Unique URL for each language. You can have your French content available at * and your English content is available at *
  • Meta tags, desc. tags etc. detected and translated
  • Multilingual alternate links "hreflang"
  • Following Google multilingual SEO best practices

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