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Free plan available, paid plan starts from $6/month and comes with a 3-day free trial.

Mintt - Instafeed is a powerful tool designed to seamlessly integrate custom shoppable Instagram feeds into your online store. The application offers a range of features tailored to enhance user experience and boost engagement, allowing you to leverage your Instagram content effectively.

Key Features:

1. Diverse Content Display:Display a variety of Instagram content, including photos, Reels, and videos, in grid or slider layouts. This diverse presentation style ensures your visitors are captivated by visually appealing content.

2. Flexible Layout Customization:Tailor the appearance of your Instagram feeds with manual or auto-optimized layouts. Mintt - Instafeed provides flexibility, allowing you to match the feeds seamlessly with your store's aesthetics.

3. Mobile-Friendly Design:Create a user-friendly experience with custom rows and columns specifically optimized for mobile devices. Regardless of the screen size, your shoppable Instagram feeds will adapt, providing a consistent browsing experience.

4. Shoppable Feeds:Tag multiple products within your posts to create shoppable Instagram feeds. This feature enables direct linking to products, simplifying the purchasing process for customers and potentially increasing sales.

5. Efficient Content Management:Filter your posts based on hashtags, streamlining the content displayed on your feeds. This efficient management ensures that your visitors see relevant posts, improving engagement and user satisfaction.

6. Social Proof and Engagement:Showcase real customer experiences and social proof through your Instagram content. By integrating Instagram feeds, you can build trust among visitors and encourage them to explore your products further.

7. Automatic Content Updates:Keep your store dynamic with automatic updates from your Instagram account. Fresh content is consistently delivered to your store, ensuring visitors are always greeted with the latest posts.

Mintt - Instafeed simplifies the process of integrating Instagram content into your store. By offering diverse display options, seamless customization, and efficient content management, the application helps you enhance user engagement, build trust, and potentially increase conversions. With Mintt - Instafeed, you can leverage the power of your Instagram presence to create a more interactive and engaging shopping experience for your store visitors.

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